Tehran (IP) - Iran's President-elect says that the main criterion in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak is the domestic production of vaccines and support for the efforts made by Iranian experts in this field.

Iran PressIran news: In a meeting with officials and experts in the field of corona vaccination, Ebrahim Raisi praised the medical staff and pointed out: "Today, with the efforts made by our country's experts, the knowledge of producing corona vaccine has become indigenized and should be expanded, and the administration is obliged to provide the necessary and real support in this regard. Of course, in addition to domestic production, the purchase of a valid foreign vaccine must be followed up quickly."

Stressing practical support for companies and manufacturers of corona vaccine, Raisi said: "The type of support should not be limited to words, and the upcoming administration will prioritize the allocation of credits and budget while being careful and expeditious in issuing the necessary licenses."

The President-elect said that the necessary measures to combat corona disease should be followed without delay, adding: "What has been done so far in the field of vaccination is necessary, but certainly not enough, and the available figures should not convince us."

Stressing the importance of public vaccination and its impact on daily life, livelihood, and economy, the President-elect said: "People's peace of mind and immunity are especially important to enter the autumn and winter seasons, hence the time of public vaccination should be reduced by using all capacities."

Emphasizing the psychological effects of the corona vaccine as well as the reduction of human casualties, Raisi said: "We must base our work on reducing the death toll of our compatriots due to the coronavirus outbreak, and in this regard, even the life of one person is important."


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