Cairo-(IP):The third day of the Egyptian presidential election continues, as the exclusive images of Iran press show, the participation in these elections is not very wide.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press correspondent in Cairo, as the economic crisis, living conditions of the people deteriorate along with the continuation of the Gaza war, the Egyptian people went to the polls on Tuesday, the last day of the Egyptian presidential election.

Four candidates are competing in this election, the most renowned of them is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi the current president of Egypt.

67 million Egyptians are eligible to participate in the Egyptian presidential elections.

Experts believe that despite the people's wishes and Egypt's economic problems, the situation will be in favor of El-Sisi.

The economic problem is the most important concern of the people and the crisis in Egypt, and the inflation rate in this country is around 40%.

Iran press Correspondent in Cairo reported that the people showed a weak turnout in the Egyptian presidential elections, which is the result of the economic crisis, high prices of goods and severe inflation, and these problems have reduced the economic power of the Egyptian people.

In addition to the economic crisis, the people of Egypt rate their country's role in the Gaza war and the Palestinian issue as disappointing, and this has also affected their participation in the Egyptian presidential elections.

The local correspondent of Iranpress in Cairo stated that the Egyptian people do not know enough about the other candidates, the support of the security forces to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the management of the Egyptian political scene has caused the election atmosphere to be undemocratic and everything is in favor of al-Sisi.

After casting their votes, several Egyptians told an Iranpress correspondent in Cairo about their requests and expectations from the future president of their country, that strengthening security solving economic problems, and increasing people's purchasing power are their most important requests from the future president of their country.

In this exclusive interview, the Egyptian people expressed their hope that with the efforts of the government and the future president of Egypt, an economic renaissance will be formed in this country so that people can live comfortably. 219

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