Gorgan(IP): President Raisi stressed that Iran's authority is due to the presence and support of the people.

Iran PressIran news: Addressing the people of Gorgan, Golestan Province on Thursday morning, The Iranian president said: "Our country has authority thanks to the presence and support of the people. The first component of power in our society, people with faith are always on the scene, and what disappointed the enemy is this component of power."

Ayatollah Raisi continued: "The Faithful People who always are on stage and ready to take risks are the most important component of the power of the Islamic Republic."

He said: "Armed forces are a source of honor   and along with economic progress, are among the important components of power in the country."

The President added: The progress of the country in science and technology as well as in academic and technological centers is considered as another component of Islamic Iran's power.

He further explained: "The surprising progress that has emerged in the country despite the threats and the honors that our youths have created in the scientific fields of the world are other signs of Iran's power."

Raisi continued: "Faithful and resistant forces against the enemy of the Islamic Ummah have formed a force of resistance and strength in the scene, believers and loyal to Islam, and these are the forces that have given a new shape to the region."

The Iranian President arrived at the Gorgan airport on Thursday morning as part of his provincial tour.

The exploitation of more than 26 thousand billion Tomans of construction projects, the opening of various economic projects with a credit amounting to 8700 billion Tomans, the official start of Incheh Borun Free Trade Zone, the start of executive operations of Golestan Petrochemical after years of waiting, a celebration of the revival of 128 economic units and A stagnant and semi-active industry, the opening of numerous projects in the field of transportation and road infrastructure with a credit of more than 4500 billion Tomans, and the opening and delivery of 3500 urban and rural housing units of the National Housing Movement Plan to applicants are among the plans that, are on agenda during President Raisi provincial tour.

The executive vice president also started the dredging of the Gorgan Bay with a budget of 600 billion tomans, the opening of the national plan to supply fiber to homes and businesses worth 1,000 billion tomans, and the opening of various water supply, treatment plants, and electricity projects with a budget of 5,000 billion tomans are among other actions that will be realized during Ayatollah Raisi's visit to Golestan province.


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