Tehran (IP)- On the eve of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution Iran's president said that the twelfth Government of Iran is a government that supports the oppressed.

Iran PressIran news: Recalling the remarks of the late Imam Khomeini on February 1, 1979, in Behesht Zahra Cemetery regarding free water and electricity, the President said: "The Twelfth Government is proud that thanks to the sacrifice and efforts of the officials of the Ministry of Energy and Oil, this prediction came true and it turned out that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a government that supports the oppressed."

Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday at the inauguration ceremony of 13 major utility projects in the provinces of North Khorasan and Kurdestan, which was held via video conference, that today was a happy day for the entire Iranian nation and freedom seekers which contrary to the predictions of the great powers, Imam Khomeini entered the country with an unparalleled welcome.

Pointing out that the receptions have been high throughout the history of Iran, the President noted: "It was a very glorious day in the history of Iran that all the streets from the airport to Behesht Zahra cemetery were full of people and that huge crowd of millions gathered in Behesht Zahra itself."

Referring to the wisdom and prudence of Imam Khomeini upon his arrival in the country, Rouhani said: When Imam Khomeini entered the country, he first went to pay tributes to the martyrs, and this is very important. Imam first went to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their blood in this way and walked next to their holy graves. Imam wanted to say that his real inviter is the devotees of this land and at the top of it are the martyrs.

Referring to the very sensitive speech of Imam Rahel in Behesht Zahra, Rouhani said: "After this speech, the scholars followed a part of this speech that water and electricity should be free and said what happened."

On Sunday, 13 utility industry macro projects with a credit of 4,776 billion tomans were put into operation in Iran.

On the first day of '10-Day Dawn', 13 large water and electricity industry projects with a value of 4,776 billion Tomans were inaugurated in the two provinces of North Khorasan and Kurdistan.

President Hassan Rouhani and the Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian attended the ceremony via video conferencing.

Out of 13 ready-to-open projects, one electric project in North Khorasan Province and 12 water and electricity industry projects in Kurdistan Province were put into operation.


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