Warsaw (IP) - The largest demonstration of farmers and miners in Poland by the Confederation of Polish Agricultural and Labor Unions against the country's government and the European Union was held in Warsaw amid tight security.

Iran PressEurope: Demonstrators holding the Polish flag and blowing plastic trumpets expressed their protest against the Polish government and the European Union.

The protesters say they are demanding that the Polish government withdraw from the EU's Green Deal, a plan to liquidate family farms, return to the status of 2021 in trade with Ukraine, finance fifty billion euros, and export agricultural products outside the borders of the European Union and traditional markets. Ukraine has been announced.

The Polish farmers also want Poland's border with Ukraine sealed to the imports of grain and other food products that they say are bringing down the prices the farmers can get on the domestic market.

The Polish farmers and workers who are protesting have demanded that the government give control of the biggest grain terminal to Polish producers. They also want the government to compensate for damages caused by the drought, ensure fair distribution of agricultural water, equalize subsidies, review agricultural fuel duties, and raise the ceiling of financial support.

In the beginning, the police obstructed the demonstrators from advancing towards the parliament. However, due to the persistent efforts of the protesting farmers and workers, they managed to break the police siege and reached the Polish parliament building to voice their concerns.

Following the anti-government demonstration in Warsaw, the Minister of Agriculture along with the head of the Agriculture Commission of the Polish Parliament have agreed to hold a meeting with representatives of the protesting farmers on February 29th.


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