Sanandaj(IP)- People of Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province in Iran, marched in a mass gathering on Monday to condemn the actions of rioters, the desecration of the holy Quran, Islamic holy places, and the burning of the Iranian flag.

Iran PressIran News: Everyone from all walks of life, young, old, women, men, students, marketers, employees, rural and urban, came to express their support for the police force and their hatred for rioters and security disruptors in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province, west of Iran.

The participants in this march chanted the slogans "Law-abiding police, thank you, thank you," "Police serving the nation, police serving the nation."

Other people also said that Iran is full of sedition martyrs and expressed their anger at Western media like BBC, which provoked rioters and played shameful acts against Iranian society.

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Moreover, In this march, the people of Sanandaj demanded that the police and security institutions deal with those who desecrate Islamic holy places and those who destroy public property and emphasized the need to restore security and protect the rights of citizens.

During the last few days, in response to the death of "Mehsa Amini," some profiteers and rioters abused the people's protests and insulted the sacred things of Islam, the Holy Quran, and the Iranian flag, and damaged public property.

Mahsa Amini was a young Iranian woman who lost her life days after she was taken to a police station in the capital Tehran. 

According to the footage of the Iran police CCTVs camera, Mahsa Amini fainted at the police department in Tehran on Tuesday after being taken there for violation of dress codes along with some other women.

The 22-year-old girl from Kurdistan died in hospital on Friday, September 16, 2022, despite intensive medical care and resuscitation efforts.


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