Tehran (IP) - The Interim Friday prayer Leader in Tehran said that the enemies of the people are seeking to create riots.

Iran PressIran news: While a large number of Iranian people were affected by the death of Mahsa Amini and are waiting for the announcement of the results of the forensic investigation, some protest rallies were held in some cities, including Tehran, and damages were caused to public property.

Rioters' attacks on public and private properties and security guards, under the pretext of Mahsa Amini's death, continued last night in Tehran and several Iranian cities.

In these riots, rescue vehicles, ambulances, and fire engines were not spared from the rioters' attack, so far, several medical technicians and rescue workers have been injured and hospitalized, and 61 ambulances were also destroyed.

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According to Iran Press, Seyyed Ahmad Khatami addressed the recent riots in the political-religious prayer sermons on Friday this week in Tehran and said: "The death of a fellow countrywoman is a matter of regret, and we offer our condolences to her family and wish them patience."

The interim  Friday Prayer Leader in Tehran added: "In this case, all the country's officials came in, and the president, the head of the judiciary, the head of the legislature, all came in and emphasized the strict follow-up of this issue, and these officials are the trustees of the Islamic system, and we have complete faith in our trustees, and the people have faith in their promises, and the follow-up and results will definitely be told to the people.

Ahmad Khatami also said: "For a long time, the enemies of the people have been looking for trouble, they were looking for an excuse as an issue, and they did not succeed; Until this event came up and it became a very thorny and interesting subject for them, and they moved with it."


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