Kabul (IP) - The Taliban and people in Afghanistan celebrate the first anniversary of the US withdrawal from the Afghan soil.

Iran PressAsia: August 31, 2021, in the early morning, the last American soldier left Afghan soil and ended the US invasion of Afghanistan after 20 years. 

A few days later, on August 15, the Taliban took power in Kabul.

Now, with the advent of the first anniversary of the US withdrawal, the Taliban and Afghan people held celebrations on the streets of Kabul on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Yet, after one year, the US is still practicing its pressure policy on the Afghan nation, one of which is the freezing of $9 billion of assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

The blockage of the people's money along with the European countries' support for the White House policies have severely impacted the lives of the Afghan people and made it difficult for them to access food and basic livelihood needs.


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