Tehran (IP) - Public Relations Manager of TABAN Airlines announced the launching of flights to Najaf from Payam International Airport in Karaj City, Alborz Province.

Iran PressEurope: Marzieh Jafarzadeh, Public Relations Manager and CEO Advisor in Media Affairs at TABAN Airlines announced that flights to Al Najaf International Airport will be launched for the first time on Saturdays every week.

"Based on the plans, from today (Saturday) 2-way flights to Al-Najaf will be launched from Payam International Airport," said the CEO of Taban Airlines, Jafarzadeh.

She noted that the first flight from Payam International Airport to Al-Najaf Ashraf launched at 11:15 today (Saturday).

She added that the MD-88 aircraft, which is a series of five-abreast single-aisle airliners with a capacity of 165 passengers is planned for the Payam-Al Najaf line of flights by Taban Airlines.

In addition to this flight line (Payam Airport to Alnajaf Airport), Taban Airlines also launches flights every day from Tehran and Mashhad to Al-Najaf and Baghdad.


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