Palestine (IP) - The Palestinian national and Islamist groups announced civil disobedience in reaction to the Israeli regime's crimes against the Palestinian nation.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Sunday morning, in the Sha'afat Camp in the north of al-Quds, the Palestinian national and Islamist groups along with the youth movement announced civil disobedience. 

They issued a statement saying the civil disobedience was a reaction to the Israeli extremist and racist cabinet's crimes of against the Palestinian people throughout Palestine, especially in the Shufat camp. 

The civil disobedience and resistance operations of the Palestinians show that the Israeli regime's increase in violence does not only fall the Palestinians to panic but that the regime must also await tougher actions by the Palestinians.

Shu'fat camp is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The Israeli settlement of Pisgat Zeev, illegal under international law, is located to the camp’s north. The camp was established by UNRWA in 1965 to house the roughly 500 refugee families living in Mu'askar camp in al-Quds city.

Since 1948, the Israeli regime has been abducting, jailing, and killing the Palestinian people, destroying their homes and farms.


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