The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry has categorically rejected the Israeli Prime Minister's so-called plan for the post-War Gaza Strip.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The ministry, in a statement, denounced Netanyahu’s plan revealed by Israeli media for the future of Gaza, calling it a perpetuation of the Israeli occupation and a hindrance to the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

“We strongly reject what the Israeli media called "Netanyahu's principles for the post-war Gaza", the statement mentioned.

This statement said that Netanyahu's plan amounts to the official recognition of the re-occupation of the Gaza Strip and the imposition of Israeli control over it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian Authority underlined that Netanyahu's plan is aimed at prolonging the genocidal war on Gaza and trying to buy more time to implement the regime’s plot to forcefully displace the Palestinian people.

According to Israeli media reports, Netanyahu presented to the regime’s war cabinet with a so-called “document of principles” Thursday night, regarding how to administer Gaza after the war.

Based on the proposal, the Israeli regime would install “local officials to administer the strip instead of Hamas,” multiple Israeli media outlets reported on Friday. 219

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