The Foreign Ministry of the Palestinian Authority has issued a statement strongly condemning the US support for the Zionist occupiers and covering up their crimes against the Palestinian people.

Iran PressMiddle East: The United States is the most significant supporter of the Zionist regime's crimes in the West Asian region, which even encourages the regime to escalate the crime. 

The racist plan of the so-called Deal of Century, as well as the approval of the US $ 38 billion support for the Zionist regime and the continued cut-off of UNRWA (Palestinian Refugee Aid and Employment Agency), are examples of US government support for the occupying regime.

The ministry's statement goes on to say that US support for the crimes of the occupiers of al-Quds will make the regime more daring to carry out terrorist activities.

The statement noted the escalation of the Zionist regime's crimes and acts of terrorism which has cast a shadow over the daily lives of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the international community to take responsibility and take effective action to stop the acts of the Zionist occupiers and their crimes that threaten the entire region.

The Palestinian Authority's Foreign Ministry also called on the US government to be directly responsible for the Tel Aviv crime, given its level of support for the Zionists.

According to the statement, US support encourages the Zionist regime to commit more crimes and terrorist acts against the Palestinian people and their sanctuaries.

The Palestinian Authority last week issued a statement condemning US support for the Zionist occupiers.

What is clear is that US policies and actions in support of the Zionist regime have strengthened the national and political consensus of the Palestinians. This national consensus and the increase of the Palestinian people's anger against the United States and the Zionist regime could lead to the failure of Washington's approach. 219

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