Islam-Abad (IP) - The voting process in Pakistan's parliamentary elections concluded Thursday evening and the counting of ballots has started, according to a statement from the Election Commission of Pakistan meanwhile, some voters expressed their opinions in an interview with Iran Press correspondent.

Iran PressAsia: As the election process has started across Pakistan, different views have been expressed by the voters. Speaking to Iran Press, a voter said, "People are coming to vote in large numbers and it is a good sign that people will use their right and hope that the incoming government will understand our problems as they are about to complete their term and then they have to face the public again".

Iran PressAsia: A woman also said something similar, she said, "We expect the incoming government to first eradicate poverty, there is also inflation and unemployment, and those who have jobs are not getting enough salary. We also want the incoming government to collect taxes properly so that it can be spent on the betterment of the middle class. Speaking to Iran Press, a senior citizen said we want to be given full freedom and the right to vote as we wish, this is our country and we have the right to choose who we want to be our leader".

Followers of former Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed their hope for victory. while talking to Iran Press, a woman said, "Imran Khan himself is in jail but the reason for his support is the awareness he has given to the people. Since today we are voting for his supported independent candidate, we are sure that this evening will bring victory for us and Imran Khan". Some voters also complained and said that the administration was harassing them.

A voter said: "I have been here since 8 a.m. but we are facing problems and yet we have come out to vote for Mr. Khan". Another citizen speaking to Iran Press said: "Posters of our candidate were torn down and our camp was also removed at night, our polling agents are not being allowed inside and there is no check due to the shutdown of mobile and internet services, while old lists are being worked on confusing, it's a shame".

 At least five people were killed in militant attacks in Pakistan on Thursday as people participated in general elections.

Days before the election violence engulfed across country Pakistan's government temporarily suspended mobile phone services and closed some land borders to maintain law and order. 

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Five killed in Pakistan as people are voting in general election