Islamabad (IP) - The Institute of Strategic Studies of Islamabad hosted a round table discussion titled “Importance of Global Solidarity to Combat Islamophobia”.

Iran PressAsia:  The dialogue aimed to address the prejudices, intolerance, violence, and injustices Muslims are facing around the world. 

Chairman of the Pakistani Islamic Ideological Council Qibla Ayaz was the chief guest.  Ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey, the leading academics, and senior Foreign Office officials joined as panelists.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Pakistan Reza Amiri Moghadam enriched the discussion by contextualizing Islamophobia within a broader historical and geopolitical narrative.  His critique of Islamophobia as a tool of political manipulation and his call for unity among Muslim nations emphasized the importance of solidarity and collective identity to overcome adversity.

The Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan Mehmet Paçacı pointed to the alarming rise of Islamophobia at the global level, especially in Western and some non-Western countries, including India.  His talk on the political use of Islamophobia and the urgent need for international accountability and cooperation offered a compelling call for both Muslim and non-Muslim countries to tackle the pressing issue.

Still, Qibla Ayaz delivered an illuminating address, providing a deep historical insight into Islamophobia, tracing its roots and evolution over centuries.  Ayaz recommended the strategic use of media and academia to foster a deeper understanding of Western cultures, promote interfaith dialogue, and combat Islamophobia.

Remarks by the distinguished speakers were followed by an interactive discussion in which all the participants engaged enthusiastically.  

The debate emphasized the importance of youth engagement, global solidarity, informed dialogue, and proactive measures to combat Islamophobia. 204

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