Islamabad (IP)- Pakistan and Iran have appointed Border Liaison Officers of Colonel rank for counter-terrorism taskforce.

Iran PressAsia: Iran Press quoted informed sources that the Border Liaison Officers of Pakistan and Iran will assume their respective charge in next few days.

The Pakistani Liaison Officer was selected the Pakistan Army while the Iranian counterpart belongs to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

According to the bilateral agreement, Pakistani Liaison Officer will be posted in Zahedan while Iranian IRGC Liaison Officer will be posted in Turbat, Balochistan.

The decision to appoint liaison officers was made during the Iranian Foreign Minister's visit to Pakistan on January 29, this year.

Pakistani defense sources have described the appointment as a positive development. With the appointment of the liaison officers, both countries will be able to work in a more coordinated manner for counter-terrorism measures, defense sources said. 

Officials of Pakistan and Iran are also close to finalizing a security agreement.

The security agreement will include intelligence sharing and mutual assistance on counter-terrorism campaigns; Both the countries signed a security memorandum of understanding in 2014.

In the recent meeting between the Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan Mohsin Naqvi and the Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan, important developments were addressed. 

Mohsin Naqvi is scheduled to visit Iran in the near future on the invitation of his Iranian counterpart.


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