Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Mine, Trade and Industry says that in order to attract foreign investment, opportunities must be transparently designed and offered to foreign investors.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of a meeting with the country's investors, Raza Fatemi-Amin said on Saturday: Domestic investment is more accessible because the investors are familiar with the country's statutes, but someone who intends to invest abroad first needs to know what opportunities are in that country to invest in.

Fatemi-Amin referred to other points in investment fields and said that all investment licenses must be prepared beforehand for individuals to facilitate investment opportunities.

Iran's Minister of Mine, Trade, Industry added: To facilitate investment, we should also amend the regulations pursued in the Ministry of Mines, Trade and Industry to remove obstacles in the field of investment, both at national and international levels.

The Ministry of Mine, Trade, Industry is to establish a convergence between its Trade Organization and the Investment Organization in the Ministry of Finance to facilitate investment, continued the minister.

He recalled that the trade of the international economy is not just the exchange of goods but also a combination of investment and marketing: 

"In the international economy, investment is not defined as just buying and selling of goods, but a chain that includes the exchange of goods and technology and joint ventures."

In his remarks, Reza Fatemi-Amin told IP that special investment measures should be taken, such as creating employment opportunities for developing suitable investment opportunities.

"So far, a proper pathology of investment has been done, so we act based on 6 axes for the realization of investment," pointed the minister, adding: "Clear financing of each project from the beginning, preparation of investment packages for projects and opportunities, expansion of public participation and coordination between project stakeholders from government and its institutions to the private sector and the people, are other important axes in activating investment."

The minister called on the relevant agencies to identify the investment obstacles to regulate investment facilitation.

Fatemi-Amin pointed out: The particular investment program of each city and province will be prepared according to the existing capacities and potentials.


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