Parliament Speaker: Crude thinking worse than Crude selling

Tehran (IP) - The director of the Iran Oil Show said the exhibition is an opportunity to display the achievements of domestic companies; Also Iranian Parliament Speaker criticized the crude selling of oil.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Oil Show officially kicked off in an opening ceremony with the motto of “Knowledge-Based Oil, Iranian Production, Global Exports” at Tehran’s Permanent Fairground today, Friday, 13 May, and will run through Monday, May 16.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Iran Oil Show 2022, Boujarzadeh said the exhibition aims to offer capabilities and display the self-efficiency and prosperity of Iran’s leading oil industry with the motto of “Knowledge-based oil, Iranian production, and Global exports.”  

Despite the cruel sanctions and getting through the COVID-19 Pandemic, this exhibition shows the undeniable power and importance of the Iran oil industry and national production.

Boujarzadeh added: "This exhibition provides the knowledge-based companies with the opportunities to unveil their capabilities and cooperate in oil industry projects and transfer modern technologies in specialized areas of the oil industry.

Over 1200 domestic and foreign companies involved in different fields of equipment manufacturing, electronic export and import, downstream industries, refining, and process equipment attended the exhibition.

Also, 44 foreign firms or representatives from Italy, Spain, the UAE, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine, South Africa, Belgium, Russia, China, Iraq, and Azerbaijan are among the 26th Iran Oil Show participants.

Moreover, various agreements and memoranda of understanding are scheduled to be signed in domestic and foreign investment areas.

Several workshops and conferences will be held during the four-day event.

Iran's Parliament Speaker criticizes the crude selling of oil.

Iran's Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf visited the exhibition. Accompanied by Minister of Petroleum Javad Owji, Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Mohsen Khojasteh-Mehr, and Head of Parliament’s Energy Committee Fereydoun Hassanvand, Ghalibaf was briefed by officials on the latest achievements, products, and underway projects of the participating companies and exhibitors.

The Parliament speaker also visited the NIOC pavilion and held talks with the company’s officials and staff across the country via videoconference.

Qalibaf appreciated the NIOC for its great efforts, expressing his views on promoting the oil industry.

Ghalibaf criticized selling oil as unprocessed and said worse than crude selling was crude thinking and mismanaging the country's oil, gas, and energy industry.

"We should protect the oil wealth instead of the crude oil itself," Ghalibaf stressed. Stating that the administration and the Parliament in the country should believe in the people's economy, Ghalibaf emphasized directing liquidity to production.

He went on to emphasize that to circumvent sanctions, income stability, and increase value-added, we must correct the orientations, saying: "In this regard, we need to use gas as a basis for exports, which is more stable and its added value is less than the field."


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