Borno (IP) - Heavy clashes erupted on Saturday between Boko Haram and Nigeria military in Askira-Uba in Borno state when a senior commander of the Army was killed in a terrorist ambush attack.

Iran PressAfrica: A senior Nigerian Army Commander whose name was not revealed and at least four other soldiers have been killed in the battle.

Reports indicated that a Commander of Nigerian Army Special Forces in Brigadier-General has been shot dead in an ambush by terrorists of the Boko Haram terrorist group who called them as "Islamic State of West Africa" (ISWAP) in Borno State.

"On Thursday the takfiri terrorists attacked Alagarno village, killed many people, and burnt a hospital and shops. But soldiers intervened and killed more than ten of the terrorists," Luka Yakubu, an eyewitness who flee the Askira with his family after the terrorist attack, told Iran Press.

"Saturday we saw no fewer than 16 trucks carrying the armed takfiri terrorists, launched an attack on a military base in Askira-Uba state government headquarters and many people have been killed including soldiers.

"If you turn to Askira, you can only see smoke in the sky and hear gunshots sound", he added.

When asked about the specific number of people killed,  Luka said "Actually, we were trying to run for our lives. We could not stop counting the number of the people killed."


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Boko Haram attack at Borno
Boko Haram attack at Borno