Tehran (IP) - The new round of court hearings of the charges against 104 members of the People's Mojahedin Khalgh Organization, known as MKO was held on Tuesday, 23 April in Tehran.

Iran PressIran news: 104 members of the MKO terrorist outfit will be tried in the Tehran courthouse, and this court has asked the fugitive members of this group to present their lawyers to this court.

In this session, it was said that the Albanian people urged their government to expel the members of the MKO terrorist group.

The head of the court expressed hope that the Albanese government, by prioritizing the security of its people, would extradite the accused MKO terrorists to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The MKO terrorist outfit is responsible for the assassination of more than 12,000 Iranians, including members of parliament, high-ranking government and military officials, innocent ordinary citizens, and foreign nationals.

Since the first years of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, this terrorist organization has committed massive crimes with its approach to terror and armed actions.

Within two years, from 1979 to 1981, elements of this terrorist outfit assassinated many officials, revolutionary forces, and ordinary people and claimed responsibility for all these assassinations.

This trial was held in the 11th branch of the criminal court in the province of Tehran, presided over by Judge Dehghani at the Imam Khomeini judicial complex. 219

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