New round of Astana talks to take place early February

Managing Director of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry for Asia and Africa Affairs Heydar Beck Tomatov announced that the new round of Astana talks on Syrian crisis is slated to take place early February, 2019.

Iran PressAsia: Managing Director of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry for Asia and Africa Affairs Heydar Beck Tomatov said in a press conference on Friday that the date of the next round of Astana peace talks has been identified.

Astana has so far hosted 11 rounds of meetings on solving crisis in Syria.The 11th round of the Astana talks was held on November 28-29, Iran Press reported.

The event was held with the attendance of Syria, Iran, Russia and Turkey in Kazakhstan. Representatives of Jordan and the United Nations also attended as observers.

On Nov. 29, three guarantor countries of the Astana process in their final statement stressed on their commitments to preserve Syrian sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity and need to continue fighting all terror groups in the country.

In Astana 11 final statement, the guarantor states reaffirmed their determination to fight terrorism in Syria in order to ultimately eliminate ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and all other entities associated with them.

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