The Hague (IP) - The trucks from several provinces arrived Saturday morning at The Hague, where drivers are protesting against COVID restrictions.

Iran PressIran News: Dutch truckers marched from all over the Netherlands to The Hague on Saturday evening, protesting the government's new restrictions to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The truckers are participating in the "Convoy for Freedom of Netherlands," a demonstration inspired by the controversial truckers' protest in Canada. Protesters from several provinces in the country are also said to be on their way to the demonstration, summoned via social media, according to NOS.

Groups in the Dutch heavy transport industry believe that the coronavirus restrictions will lead to driver shortages and increase inflation in the country.

Rising gasoline and commodities prices in the Netherlands have angered the people.

One of the drivers protesting told Iran Press that truck and tractor drivers from all over the Netherlands joined the protests and closed all roads protesting the new measures.

"We want freedom, there is no more freedom in the Netherlands," another protester in The Hague told Iran Press.


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