IP- Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir have privately said they will abandon the government if the regime frees Palestinian prisoners, reports Israel’s Channel 13.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The threat comes as an Israeli delegation is reportedly in Qatar to hammer out a possible ceasefire and prisoner-captive exchange deal with Hamas.

The Israeli regime has pounded the Gaza Strip since a cross-border attack by the Palestinian group Hamas on Oct. 7. killing at least 31,726 and wounding 73,792 others. 

At the same time, hundreds of Israelis were captived that day.

Last week, Hamas proposed a three-stage ceasefire deal that would start with the release of 40 Israelis held captive, in exchange for 700-1,000 Palestinian prisoners, including 30 serving life sentences hand-picked by Hamas.

Israel had announced its goal from the beginning of the operation to destroy Hamas and then release the captives in Gaza, but after more than five months, not only has this goal not been achieved, but Israel's insistence on these two goals has caused differences among the Israeli settlers. Experts believe that the regime is now in a dilemma and must choose between destroying Hamas or freeing the captives. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Zionist regime, is under very strong domestic pressure from members of the right-wing part of the government. 

He also has pressure from the opposition Benny Gantz, who joined Netanyahu’s emergency government. He and his party are not part of the wider coalition and Gantz is saying that if Netanyahu continues to cave to the right, he’s going to leave the emergency government. 

Then there is another member of the opposition, Yair Lapid, who has said that if the right-wing leaves the government, his party is ready to step in to offer Netanyahu a safety net if it means agreeing to a deal that would bring back captives from Gaza. Pressure also continues to mount on Netanyahu from the Americans as well as from the families of the captives and also those people who have been displaced on the northern side of its border, experts believe that the destruction of Hamas is a far-fetched goal.


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