Chairman of Iran's Expediency Council condemned the insults of some French publications as well as the unwarranted support of French President Emmanuel Macron and stressed the need for the unity of the Muslims of the world against vis-a-vis the anti-Islamism.

Iran Press/Iran news: "These irrational, ridiculous, and immoral insults of the French publications, as well as the meaningless and unjustifiable support of Macron for these blasphemous moves, have logical, moral, and rational justification," Sadeq Amoli Larijani said.

"There are some two billion Muslims across the world who can stand up to such acts and the minimum they can do is to get their capacities out of their reach," Larijani stated.

"People like Macron must understand that they cannot stop the progress of Islam with such foolish and irrational acts and immoral behaviors," he said, wondering by what logic is it justifiable to insult the beloved prophet of billions of Muslims, who is even respected by non-Muslims?

"All Muslims should unite in condemning these heinous and insulting acts and take practical steps. Macron and his henchmen, who commit such ugly acts, must know for sure that the reaction of the Islamic world is not simple," he concluded.