Mumbai (IP) - On the 21st of May 2024, a solemn gathering was held at Masjid e Iranian organized by the Isna Ashari Youths Foundation to mourn the martyrdom of Ayatollah Raisi and his companions.

Iran PressIran news: The event commenced after the Magrib prayers with a recitation of the Quran e Majeed by Qari Mirza Hasan.

During the program, Maulana Mohammed Fayyaz Baqir delivered a poignant speech emphasizing the significance of Ayatollah Raisi, highlighting his importance not only to Shia Muslims but to the entire Muslim Ummah. Maulana Zaki Hasan eloquently described Ayatollah Raeesi's humanitarian service, attributing the global mourning to his selfless dedication. Among those who tragically lost their lives alongside Ayatollah Raeesi were two Mujtahids, marking a somber occurrence on the auspicious day of Imam Ali Al Reza's birth. Maulana Kumail Asgar from Pune paid tribute to Agha Raisi through a heartfelt poem, symbolizing him as a guiding star that traversed from the East to the West, ultimately answering the call of his Lord.

The impact of Ayatollah Raeesi's martyrdom reverberated worldwide, prompting India to declare a day of state mourning in solidarity.

Dr. David Eskandari underscored the pivotal roles of Ayatollah Raisi and Dr. Amir Abdullahian in fortifying diplomatic ties with neighboring nations, emphasizing their contributions to international relations.The program culminated with a profound address by Senior Scholar Maulana Syed Husain Mehdi Husaini, who illuminated the significance of martyrdom in the face of adversity. He drew parallels to past instances where key figures were martyred, yet the resilience of the Islamic Republic endured, showcasing the strength derived from such sacrifices.

The gathering was attended by a multitude of individuals, including dignitaries, and scholars such as Maulana Aziz Haider, Maulana Mohammed Kararvi, Maulana Adil, Maulana Yawar Abbas, and Maulana Shk Sabir Reza, among others.