Russian state-owned media is reporting that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been told that 11 suspects have been detained after the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack on Friday, which is now known to have killed at least 93 people.

Iran Press/Europe: The Russian Investigative Committee announced that 93 people had been killed early on Saturday morning. 107 people are believed to have been hospitalized, with many of them in what Russian media has described as a serious condition. The Ministry of Health has said five children are among those in hospital.

Media in Russia said that the head of Russia’s intelligence service had informed Putin that 11 people had been detained, four of whom were directly involved in the attack.

In a separate unverified report, citing a Telegram message from Duma lawmaker Alexander Khinshtein, Russian media reported that two people had been detained in Russia’s Bryansk region after a car chase. Bryansk is to the south-west of Moscow.

Appeals for blood donations have led to one Moscow hospital having to turn donors away because so many people have come forward.

Moscow’s authorities have said they will offer financial assistance to those affected by the shooting and will organize funerals for the victims. People have been leaving flowers at the scene of the attack.


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