Aug 01, 2020 12:01 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 08, 2020 14:36 Asia/Tehran]
  • Netanyahu says protesters threaten to kill him
    Netanyahu says protesters threaten to kill him

The Zionist Regime Prime Minister posted a video on his personal Facebook page expressing concern over what he called the Israeli protesters' plot to kill him.

Iran PressMiddle East: Referring to recent months' widespread protests in the occupied territories, Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to the posted tweets, videos, and pictures of protesting men and women who had promised to assassinate him.

According to him, angry demonstrators had said they would bury Netanyahu, his wife, and children.

For more than two weeks, the occupied territories' residents have been protesting against Israeli Prime Minister's policies in Beit-ul-Moqaddas.

Criticizing Netanyahu's cabinet for failing to control Coronavirus and his wife's corruption cases, protesters urged Netanyahu to resign as soon as possible.

Netanyahu has also been involved in four corruption cases.

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In recent days, his official residency in Jerusalem al-Quds and the family private villa in Caesarea, both sites are the scenes of mass and violent demonstrations, look more like fortresses.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself lays the ground for that kind of violence by calling them 'anarchists', and 'those who plot a coup against him and the rule of the right'.

For the past three weeks, protesters have been protesting around the clock in a tent in front of Netanyahu's home, demanding his removal from power.

This situation is almost unprecedented during the lifetime of the usurping Zionist regime and has raised the differences at the helm of this regime to its highest level.  207/205

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