New York(IP)- Supporters of Palestine in the US once again took to the streets in different areas of New York and declared solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza.

Iran PressAmerica: The rally of supporters of Palestine started in New York's Times Square and the participants of this rally marched down the street holding the Palestinian flag and the symbolic body of Palestinian children.

The rally of supporters of Palestine in New York then continued to the headquarters of a US military-administrative center, and by gathering in front of the center, they condemned US support for the Israeli regime in the Gaza war.

Supporters of Palestine chanted in the anti-Zionist rally that Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken are directly involved in the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The people in New York then gathered in front of Zuccotti Park and chanted "Freedom for Palestine".

They also climbed the steps of a courthouse in Manhattan, New York raised the Palestinian flag, and the American police tried to disperse them.

Several Jewish rabbis were also present at the march of supporters of Palestine in New York on Thursday and Friday and condemned the crimes committed by the Israeli regime in the Gaza Strip.


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