Head of the Islamic Resistance Movement abroad (Hamas) Khaled Mashal affirmed on Wednesday that Hamas and the Palestinian people reject the term of the two-state solution while emphasizing that Palestinians seek independence and liberation from the occupying regime.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Senior Hamas official Khaled Mashal has categorically dismissed the Western proposal for pursuing a two-state solution to end the long-run disputes between the Palestinian nation and the Israeli regime.

He stressed that the Palestinian people demand liberation, freedom from occupation, independence, and the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The chief of the External Region of Hamas Political Bureau since early 2021 also said that after Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, which kicked off on October 7, 2023, the hope for the establishment of a Palestinian state stretching from the river to the sea and from the north to the south has been rejuvenated among the majority of the Palestinian people.

Mishal stressed that the Palestinian consensus, or quasi-Palestinian consensus, is supposed to be from the sea to the river, explaining that it must be from the Ras Naqoura area to the Umm Rashrash area or the Gulf of Aqaba, and this is our right.

The 1967 borders merely cover one-fifth of Palestinian territories, and therefore the Palestinian nation will never accept it, he emphasized. 219

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