Tehran (IP): The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces called the murder of Haniyah's family members a move that is rooted in the Zionist entity's weakness and desperation.

Iran PressIran news: In a Wednesday message to the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, the Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri offered his condolences to Ismail Haniyeh over the murder of three of his sons and four grandchildren in an Israeli airstrike on a refugee camp in the northern part of the besieged Gaza Strip.

On the day of Eid al-Fitr, the criminal Israeli entity killed the Hamas leader's sons and grandchildren in a move that is rooted in its weakness and desperation, he said.

"These terrorist acts are not an outcome of the Zionist regime's power, but are rather a sign of its confusion, desperation and inability to change the calculations of the resilient Palestinian people and the Palestinian fighters," Baqheri added.

He emphasized that this crime and the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinian people in Gaza "will not go unanswered."

The apartheid Israeli entity will be punished for its shameful acts by strong brave forces of the resistance movement, the top Iranian commander said.

On Wednesday, three sons and four grandchildren of the senior Hamas official were killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a vehicle at the al-Shati refugee camp in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a genocidal Israeli war.

The Israeli entity launched hostilities in Gaza on October 7, 2023, when it was caught off-guard by al-Aqsa Flood Operation. Since then, the entity has killed at least 33,482 people, mostly women and children, and wounded 76,049 others in Gaza, according to the health ministry in the territory.

In a separate message to Haniyeh, Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said the entity’s terrorist airstrike against civilians in Shati translates into the entity’s defeat in the face of the patience and historic resilience of the people of Palestine.

He added that such crimes will have no impact on the strong will of the Palestinians but will strengthen the determination of Hamas and its people to continue the path of victory and ultimate liberation of al-Quds [Jerusalem] and al-Aqsa Mosque.

The IRGC commander emphasized that Hamas, backed by the powerful resistance front in the region, will resolutely continue its fateful battle against the Zionist enemy.

Supporters of the occupying Israeli entity will not be able to help it survive and continue its brutal crimes, Salami pointed out.


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