Tehran (IP)- Chief of Presidential Staff stated, “The liberation of Quds is an ideal that, by the grace of God and the efforts and unity of the Muslims of the world, will one day be achieved, in the hope of that day.”

Iran PressIran news: Today (Friday), Chief of Staff of the President of Iran Mahmoud Vaezi noted on his personal Instagram page: “Quds Day is not only a day to declare solidarity with the Palestinian people, but also a day to defend rights, dignity and humanity, and a day to declare disgust with oppression and occupation.”

"It is a day of announcing the disgust of a systematic violation of human rights and state terrorism. We honor the oppressed and suffering people of occupied Palestine," he said.

He pointed out: "Defending the oppressed and resisting oppression is the essence of Islamic thought and identity and one of the unchangeable foundations of the revolution. “


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