Mashhad (IP) - In an address at the Khorshid Festival in Mashhad, Ensiyeh Khazali, the Vice President for Women's Affairs, illuminated a new paradigm for women worldwide. Khazali declared that Iranian women have unveiled a "third model" for women, one that stands as an embodiment of independence bridging the divide between East and West. This novel archetype, according to Khazali, redefines the role of women as not merely participants in history but as the architects of civilization.

Iran PressIran news: Khazali's words resonated with conviction as she praised the remarkable achievements of Iranian women across diverse domains, from the realms of art, science, and knowledge. She underscored that the synthesis of Iranian and Islamic civilization has provided fertile ground for these achievements to flourish.

In a pointed assertion of national sovereignty, Khazali addressed external attempts by Western governments to meddle in Iranian affairs. She credited the resilience and unity of Iranian women and men for thwarting these encroachments, ensuring that Iran continues to chart its own course on the world stage.


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