The Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan, Majid Saber

Central Asia (IP) - The Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan described the country as one of the top 20 export destinations for Iran and suggested that specialized meetings be held between the two countries on the subject of extraterritorial cultivation and exchange of technical engineering services.

Iran PressAsia: Majid Saber, Iran's ambassador to Kazakhstan, in a video conference on the subject of "Development of economic relations between Iran and Kazakhstan" on Sunday said: "Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country engulfed among China and Russia, and long coastline of the Caspian Sea which has given the country a privileged position."

Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan stressed that our economic priorities in relation to Kazakhstan are based on the four pillars of transit, trade, agriculture, and mining, and in all these areas there is a great potential for the presence of Iranian traders and companies.

He added that the political relations between the two countries are in good condition and we have recently witnessed telephone calls between the presidents and foreign ministers of the two countries.

Saber noted that the Iranian embassy is reviewing and updating the documents signed between the two countries so that these documents can be implemented effectively.

"If we need to sign new documents, we are ready to receive proposals from different departments, prepare drafts of new documents and provide the necessary arrangements for their signing," he said.

On May 20, 2020, In a telephone conversation, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev voiced readiness to boost the trade exchanges via the Caspian Sea, saying the road ministers of the two sides are tasked with pursuing the initiative.


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