Tehran (IP)-"Karate deserves to be among the Olympics games," the Tokyo Olympic karate gold medalist Sajjad Ganjzadeh said.

Iran PressIran news: Talking to Iran Press on the sidelines of the welcoming ceremony of the Olympics athletes, which was held at Imam Khomeini Airport, Sajjad Ganjzadeh said: In karate, good competitions were held at the Tokyo Olympics and it can be one of Be beautiful Olympic sports.

"I am happy to be a good representative of Iran's team and karate community at the Olympics," said Ganjzadeh.

Tokyo 2020 may mark the last time Japanese martial art has a spot in the Olympic Games.

Karate officials had hoped the sport’s inclusion in Tokyo would secure its long-term Olympic future given the sport’s popularity in France.

However, organizers for the Paris 2024 Games dropped the sport in favor of breakdancing and no decision has been made on its inclusion for Los Angeles 2028. 


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