Tehran (IP) - On the occasion of International Quds Day, the Judiciary Spokesman said that during this year's occasion, free nations, including Iran, will once again support Palestinians and prove that the blood of innocent women, and children and men will make the resistance stronger than ever.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Masoud Setayeshi pointed to the latest measures taken about the Ukrainian plane case, saying: "Both the judiciary and the head of the judicial organization of the armed forces have provided comprehensive information."

Gas poisoning convicts to be punished

The Spokesman of Iran's Judiciary Spokesman said that those who drove the project of poisoning the schools by gas would be toughly punished on the demand of the people and the Leader's emphasis.

In his weekly press conference on Tuesday, April 11, Masoud Setayeshi told reporters that the cases of school gas poisoning would face tough punishment after they were precisely investigated.

Setayeshi said that the Ministry of Interior was assigned to release the relevant information to prevent uncertain commenting about the case. 

He referred to one of the cases that happened in Larestan of Farce Province, where 53 students were hospitalized in March, and 5 were arrested in this regard. 

He stressed the convicts would be punished without any compromise. 

It was for several weeks the last winter that some kind of gas was being emitted in the girls' schools in some parts of the country including Tehran, the capital, which led to the poisoning of the students and their hospitalization.

The Spokesman of Iran's Police Command reported on March 16 the arrest of 118 individuals involved in the gas poisoning of the girls' schools that happened in the country.

Judiciary Spox: Iran pursues its people's rights

The Judiciary Spokesman emphasized that Iran will reject any abuse of human rights by foreign states and will pursue the full legal rights of its nation.

United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution titled "Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran" against Iran at the 52nd Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

The resolution had been proposed by Iceland, North Macedonia, the Republic of Moldova, the UK, and Northern Ireland according to media.un.org.

Attending his press brief on Apr. 11, 2023, Masoud Setayshi said in response to Iran Press, that the British government's behavior is indefensible, like other past behaviors of this country.

Setayeshi said: This process of leading conspiracies in human rights issues comes in this country (England) and of course in other countries related to the colonial system, there are many cases of human rights violations.

He went on to tell Iran Press that the countries that voted in favor of the resolution cannot claim that they support the rights of the Iranian people, because they do not have a good track record.

The special rapporteur for human rights only supports violators, criminals, and terrorists, while he is paying zero attention to the assassination of the greatest hero of the fight against terrorism, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, the Judiciary spokesman noted.

He recalled that the report of the special rapporteur relies on sources such as terrorists, especially MKO, and the opposition group based abroad; an issue that is completely contrary to Article 6 of the Annex to the resolution ratified on June 18, 2007, by the Human Rights Council.


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