In the recent continued attacks of the Zionist regime on southern Gaza, a number of Palestinians were martyred.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to the Palestinian Shahab news agency, 23 Palestinians were martyred and at least 114 were injured in the brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on residential houses in Khan Yunis on Friday morning.

Also, the reports indicate the continued bombing of different areas of the Gaza Strip.

The fighters of the Zionist regime repeatedly bombard the residential towers of "Al-Zahra" in Gaza.

Al Jazeera reported that more than 6,000 Palestinians in Al-Zahra city are in danger due to the bombing of residential towers.

After the shameful defeat against the recent round of brave attacks of the resistance front, the Zionist regime closed all the crossings of Gaza with an inhuman act to discourage the Palestinian forces from continuing the operation. The Zionist occupiers also killed over 1,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, in a criminal act by bombing Mu'madani Hospital hospital in Gaza.

This barbaric act has been widely condemned by Islamic countries, but the Western governments have limited themselves to issuing passive statements in continuing to support the Zionist regime. 219

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