West Asia(IP) - Palestinian sources reported the arrest of the head of al-Shifa hospital by Zionist soldiers and the disastrous situation of the Indonesian hospital in Gaza.

Iran PressWest Asia: According to Al-Mayadeen TV, the Gaza Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that the occupation forces arrested Muhammad Abu Salmiya, the Director of Shifa Hospital, and another surgeon.

Palestinian sources emphasized that a school in Khan Yunis has been turned into a shelter for wounded refugees. Occupying snipers are stationed in the tower around the Indonesian hospital and shoot civilians.

The bodies of the martyrs are on the second floor of this hospital, and the occupying forces have kidnapped some of the bodies.

Sources from the Indonesian hospital announced that 450 patients left the hospital on Wednesday and 200 people remained, and each ambulance carries 6 or 7 patients.

On the other hand, an Al-Mayadeen correspondent reported that strong explosions were heard in the central area of Gaza and announced that the Zionist forces targeted agricultural lands and residential houses.

Al-Mayadeen correspondent announced that in the past hours, the Zionist regime's forces bombed different areas of Gaza, as a result of which a large number of people were martyred.


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