Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have left 232 Palestinians martyred, and 1,697 others injured, according to an update from the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza

Iran Press/ West Asia: The airstrikes were carried out in response to an earlier rocket attack by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

The Israeli military confirmed that Palestinian militants had launched almost 3,000 rockets against Israel, and dozens of militants had infiltrated southern Israel.

Hamas, the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, claimed to have captured a number of Israeli officers and soldiers, adding that they are being held in "safe places."

In response, the Israeli regime's military said it had targeted Hamas sites and headquarters with dozens of warplanes across various regions of the coastal enclave. Israeli Energy Minister Israel Katz also said his country would cut off the power supply to the Palestinians after the Hamas attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in a national address that Israel was in a state of war and would order a full mobilization of reserves.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held an emergency meeting with key officials, emphasizing the right of the Palestinian people to defend themselves against Israeli forces and settlers. 219

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