Gen. Salami:

Khoy(IP)-Referring to the presence of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps to help the victims of the Khoy earthquake, the Chief Commander of IRGC said that the organization is with the people affected by the earthquake and is trying to solve their problems.

Iran PressIran news: An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the scale of Richter struck Khoy in the West Azerbaijan Province in northwestern Iran on Saturday, 28 January. 

Major General Hossein Salami, in an interview with reporters after visiting the earthquake-hit areas of Khoy and Firouraq cities on Saturday, said: "Dear people, let the IRGC consider its obligation to provide first aid in any area in case of a problem to fellow countrymen."

Firuraq is a city in the Central District of Khoy County, West Azerbaijan Province.

Emphasizing the timely presence of rescuers in the earthquake-stricken region of Khoy, he added: "The timely presence of the Revolution Guards, Basij jihadist groups, the field of treatment and rescue, along with the efforts of the governor of West Azerbaijan in the earthquake-stricken areas of Khoy and Firouraq, reduced the problems of the significantly."

Referring to the 7-day emergency shelter experienced by the people affected by the Khoy earthquake, he said: "The people of the region are going through difficult times and all our efforts are aimed at reducing the suffering and pain of the people."

The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps likened the flood and earthquake to a shock wave and continued: "Wherever an unfortunate event such as a flood or an earthquake occurs, it is like a shock wave that affects the society."

Major General Salami said: "It is known that life in the tent is very hard and exhausting, and these days pass with admirable patience of Khoy people."

Referring to the active presence of IRGC representatives in the earthquake-affected areas, he added: "We will be with the earthquake-affected people until the people pass through the crisis."

Salami also stated: "At the request of the people, plastic is stretched over the tents so that the people settled in the tents are safe from the cold when it rains and snows, and we are trying to overcome the problems by meeting other needs of the people."


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