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Tehran (IP) - The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has foiled an attack on an Iranian oil tanker by the US forces in the Oman sea, Iran Press reported citing security sources.

Iran PressMiddle East: US forces have used choppers and warships to steal Iranian oil but have failed after facing resistance from IRGC forces.

Afterward, US forces have used more warships to block the Iranian oil tanker but failed.

IRGC will shortly release footage of US forces' failure to steal Iranian oil at Oman.

With the timely and authoritative action of the navy of the IRGC, the operation of piracy and stealing Iranian oil was failed.

In doing so, the United States confiscated a tanker carrying Iranian oil exports in the waters of the Oman Sea and diverted its oil shipment to another tanker to an unknown destination.

At the same time, the forces of the IRGC navy captured the deck of the tanker, carrying oil, via heliborne operation and directed it to the territorial waters of Iran.

US forces then used several helicopters and warships to chase the tanker but were thwarted by the decisive and authoritative Iranian troops.

The American forces again with great manpower and using a few more warships tried to block the path of the tanker, but again failed. This tanker is currently in the territorial waters of Iran.


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