Babolsar (IP)- Ring Leaders of "Mahallat Youth Network" linked to the MKO terrorist outfit were arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Babolsar, North of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: The IRGC commander of Babolsar City Mostafa Bazvand made the announcement on Monday, saying that the team was operating in the city with the aim of deceiving young people. 

Bazvand stated that since the beginning of the riots, this network sought to provide content for hostile media and to attract young people and teenagers with the false promise of granting asylum outside of Iran, who were arrested by the Islamic Republic's security forces by implementing complex operations and technical measures.

The IRGC commander of the Babolsar city added that the arrested ring leaders were in direct contact with outside Iran and in these communications they were involved with many measures against national security .

From the end of September, some different regions of Iran witnessed riots, and in the very first days, the role of some traditional and modern media in the spread of these riots became apparent.

In these riots, the political leaders of America, the Zionist regime, and sometimes some European countries, their media, as well as Persian media supported by the West, with the slogan of so-called supporting the rights of the Iranian nation, left no stone unturned to support the rioters and disrupters of the nation's security.

The efforts of the Western countries and their affiliated media to create unrest and insecurity in Iran was in a situation where millions of Iranian people appeared many times in the streets and squares of the country in support of their system and country and strongly opposed to the unrest.


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