Tehran (IP) - The Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps stated that the fight has moved to the West Bank and said that the West Bank is also being armed against Israel.

Iran PressIran news: Major General Hossein Salami, Chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, in a conversation with the Office of Preservation and Publication of the Works of Ayatollah Khamenei, stated that the Palestinian movement has grown and matured considerably over time, adding that from the very first year to today, many Zionists have been killed in the operations of the resistance groups inside the occupied territories, which cannot be compared to last year, except for the Saif al-Quds (Sword of Quds) operation.

Major General Salami emphasized that the continuation of Jihad is very important and stated that the same way that Gaza was armed, the West Bank can be armed in the same way and this process is happening.

The Commander in Chief of the IRGC stated that there is no geographical connection between the West Bank and Gaza, they are like two separate islands under the siege of the Israeli regime, but today it can be seen that hundreds of rockets and missiles are deployed in Palestine to be shot for a small operation.

Major General Salami noted that the Palestinians have reached an evolution in their struggle that they can target any part of the lands occupied by the Zionists.

In response to the question why only one resistance group was involved in the recent Gaza war, the Chief commander of the IRGC stated that the strategy of Israel was to divide Palestine into separate and unrelated jihadist units, so that the resistance could not act in a united front but the initiative taken by Islamic Jihad was to name this operation Vahdat Mayadin (Unity of battle fields).

Major General Salami emphasized that the reason why only Islamic Jihad fought with the Israeli regime was because the aspects of that battle were such that it did not require more than Jihad, but if the battle were to develop, all Palestinian groups would definitely enter.


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