IP - The Islamic Resistance in Iraq targets the Israeli military airbase in al-Rashrah, also known as Eilat located at the occupied Palestinian territories with drones which caused massive damage to Israeli military interests.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In a statement released on Monday, the Resistance declared that the operation was carried out in solidarity with the people of Gaza and in response to the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestinian civilians.

The group vowed to continue targeting Israeli occupation forces as long as the atrocities in Gaza persist.

This recent attack comes in the wake of previous strikes by the Iraqi Resistance on Israeli targets, including a cruise missile launched at the Haifa port and attacks on key locations in Beer al-Sabe’ and Tel Aviv.

The Resistance has maintained a firm stance in support of the Palestinian cause and has repeatedly emphasized its role as an essential part of the Axis of Resistance.

With the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza in the region, the Iraqi Resistance’s actions have not gone unnoticed. As the group continues to carry out targeted operations against Israeli occupation military sites.


Iraqi resistance targets Mossad center in Tel Aviv with cruise missiles