Baghdad(IP): The Prime Minister of Iraq, referring to the destabilizing actions of the United States, called for the quick withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.

Iran PressAsia:  For several years, people and various groups and political parties in Iraq have been insisting on the withdrawal of American troops from this country.

American soldiers continue their presence in Iraq in a situation where, contrary to the previous negotiations and agreements between the governments of Iraq and the United States, the American authorities refuse to fulfill their obligations and despite several rounds of strategic negotiations between Baghdad and Washington to end the presence of American military forces in Iraq due to the end of the war with ISIS and the approval of the plan to expel all foreign soldiers from Iraqi territory in the parliament of this country, America is still present in Iraqi territory in violation of this resolution.

In this regard and according to the report of Reuters news agency on Wednesday; Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia' al-Sudani said about the presence of American forces in Iraq: "Baghdad is trying to quickly and systematically end the presence of the forces of the international coalition led by the United States so that these forces do not remain in Iraq for a long time and are not exposed to attacks."

The Prime Minister of Iraq emphasized that the only solution to reduce tensions in the region is to end the war in Gaza, regarding the expansion of the scope of tension in the West Asian region, which is important for the whole world and where most of the energy resources are located. , warned.

The presence of American forces in Iraq, while the Islamic resistance of Iraq is attacking the American military bases in Iraq and Syria with drones and missiles in support of the oppressed Palestinian nation in Gaza and response to the crimes of the Zionist army against them because America is the biggest supporter. The Zionist child-killing regime and the reason for the continuation of this regime's crimes against the Palestinian nation.


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