Tehran (IP)- In the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Iran's President described the country's universities and scientific centers as the think tank of the government and said that the government will always pay attention to the universities to find solutions to the problems of the society.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi appeared at Al-Zahra University on Saturday morning for the beginning of the academic year 1401-1402 of universities, institutes, and higher education centers across the country.

Pointing out that today almost 60% of the country's students are female students, the President described the combined spirit of research with science and tolerance of female students to be effective in this field and added, "In the years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, women have shined in many academic fields of the country and have even been able to show off their abilities in the world fields."

Raisi clarified, "When an educated Iranian woman presents an important scientific achievement at the world level and is placed on a platform, the flag of the Islamic Republic is raised and the national anthem of Iran is played, this creates strength for the country."Stating that science and knowledge are important components of power and ability, Ayatollah Raisi said, "Today, the country has achieved high levels of power and ability with the efforts of professors and students. While in the past we needed to import barbed wire in this country and we were denied the same, today we have achieved amazing progress in various scientific and industrial fields despite the most extensive sanctions, and with God's help, this path will continue".

In another part of his speech, the President congratulated the new students and stated, "Devote all your efforts to research, and the government will also use all its efforts to provide the necessary equipment and facilities for you." Raisi described solving the concern of employment for male and female students as one of the tasks of the government and said, "The government considers the university as its think tank and expects universities and scientific centers to come to the aid of the government with new ideas and initiatives."

Raisi continued his speech by referring to the traces of the enemy in the recent riots and stated, "The enemy thought that they could follow their desires inside the university, unaware that our students and professors were awake and would not allow the enemy's false dreams to come true."

Raisi explained the logic of the government in the negotiations to lift the sanctions and the enemy's attempt to impose its conditions on Iran and said, "We announced from the beginning that we would not leave the negotiation table, but we would stick to honorable negotiations, and today the logic of the Islamic Republic of Iran is accepted in the world." 219

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