Tehran(IP)- CEO of Afand Shimi Company, referring to the production of adhesive insect repellents with the help of biocompatible raw materials, said: "Insect adhesive cards, without the use of common solvents, are our knowledge based products."

Iran PressIran News: Saeed Taj Al-Dini, CEO of the knowledge-based company called Afand Shimi, added: These cards are used in adhesive fly swatter devices and play an essential role in maintaining the health of the consumption environment due to preventing the spread of infection and the disintegration of insect carcasses.

According to Taj Al-Dini, this product is widely used in health and environmental health and even in residential homes to promote health has many applications, and for the first time in the country, the Iranian-made model is offered.

The competitive advantage of Iran-made adhesive cards is in manufacturing the product, which does not pose any risk in terms of ignition, steam, and unpleasant odor during production. In addition, no effluent or waste occurs during production. This is while foreign products are made using solvents.

Moreover, the price of foreign samples is more than three times the price of Iranian samples, which is provided by domestic products while reducing dependence to prevent the outflow of currency. In this company, 26 people have been directly employed, taking into account partner companies producing parts And production requirements and distribution cycle, etc.; over 1000 indirect employment has been seen.

The technology activist spoke of the need for facilitation for knowledge-based companies and continued: Elimination of cumbersome laws against producers, restrictions on imports, control of rampant smuggling, financial protections, and bank interest rates are specific issues that can be the most critical necessary tools to boost production and increase exports.


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