Tehran (IP) - The six Iranian presidential candidates in another part of the televised debate express their views on cyberspace policy, and how the situation in this sector can be improved.

Iran PressIran news: Moustafa Pourmohammadi: The importance of internet filtering and virtual space is known to everyone. The virtual space offers opportunities and threats at the same time, which means that there are huge opportunities next to threats.

It is necessary to understand its importance and evaluate its threats and grasp its opportunities because today's life is not possible without cyberspace.

We are a powerful country with specialized scientific capacity in the fields of hardware, software, and content production.


Mohamad Bagher Ghalibaf: 

I believe that the virtual space is people's living space in all its dimensions. Like the real world, we have a life in the virtual space and we live in it.

Ghalibaf said that he is definitely against filtering, except regarding the security issues, because it will have many dangers and lead to a lot of corruption.

The virtual space is an opportunity for us. We make decisions under certain conditions and turn them into threats. 

Culture means that people produce and consume themselves. Governments should navigate, produce, and guide.

Masoud Pezeshkian: 

Many people who made a living through cyberspace have lost their jobs, and on the other hand, some people made money by selling VPN filter breakers, who sells these VPNs and who benefits?

The Internet should be freed because science and technology can be learned from there.

If I assume the presidency, I will definitely stand against these bans.

Saeed Jalili: 

In the issue of virtual space today, the role of virtual space platforms has an increasing role in governance.

Many powers and governments are trying to internationalize their virtual platforms.

In the discussion of artificial intelligence, the concern of Westerners is that if someone can dominate this space, on the one hand, they will suppress valid information and on the other hand, they will spread false information.

Today, the Neshan software took the place of Waze.

Today, we have good experts and opinionated people in the country who can succeed in this field (virtual space) and can create jobs.


Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh: One of the best women's jobs is internet business, which can both be a housewife and start her own business.

But the smart government is not possible without the Internet, the digital economy is not possible without it, and geographic restrictions are not possible without the Internet.

Efforts were made in the 13th government, the optical fiber project was started, which we hope will end well.

Alireza Zakani: Most of the filtering of the internet happened during Mr. Pourmohammadi's tenure. Alireza Zakani argued that "filtering" is different from "security protection". He conditioned the removal of filtering to transfer the social platform's server to Iran.