Tehran(IP): Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance said that Tehran is witnessing acceptable market stability, and 25% liquidity growth will be within reach in the upcoming months.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at his presser on Tuesday as economic spokesman of the Government, Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Ehsan Khandouzi, added about curbing inflation: "Specifically, the short-term policies of curbing inflation focused on the issue of expectations and control of the currency market have been followed by the Central Bank and other institutions."

Ehsan Khandouzi stressed: " The performance of the first 6 months of this year also shows that we are witnessing an acceptable stability in the markets related to this issue. In the long-term element of controlling inflation, which is mainly due to the indiscipline of the country's liquidity, the quantity and quality of liquidity in the country has been effective. "

"According to the published statistics, the country's 12-month liquidity growth rate has reached less than 27%, and it will be promising that we will see the realization of the 25% liquidity growth target in the coming months of the year." Noted Iran's Khandouzi.

Government has plans to reach non-oil revenues

The Minister of Economy, answering Iran Press question, said: Various programs of the government will help us to get from oil revenues to non-oil revenues.

Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, the Minister of Economy and Finance, in a press conference on Tuesday and in response to the question of the Iran Press reporter regarding the government's efforts to remove the economy's dependence on oil during sanctions, examined the issue from two perspectives.

He said, on one hand, non-oil exports are considered and the government's effort is to set a new record with the help of increasing investment.

Khandozi said: The lower the share of oil income, the lower the dependence; of course, the government has measures for oil exports in order to break the sanctions.

On the other hand, the financial provision of the government is considered in the sense that we should go towards stable incomes in order to reduce the dependence on oil incomes.

In this regard, we reached 3.5 million tax returns from 2.6 million, and the government's efforts in this field continue.

banking system reforms

Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, Minister of Economy, said that banking system reforms were one of the most important factors that were not remedied in the past years.

The speed of supervision of the central bank on the banking network should be increased. Amounts have been considered for increasing the capital of state banks and will be done completely by the end of this year. The prospect of banking system reforms will be closed the year. No matter how difficult the reforms are, the president decides to carry out the structural reforms of the banking system quickly.

Regarding the importance of Iran's membership in BRICS, he said: the commercial direction of the country is towards the neighboring countries, the results of which have become more visible.

Importance of Iran's membership in BRICS

Fifty percent of our exports are now to the BRICS member countries, and this cooperation has been done knowing the unilateral sanctions of the United States on Iran.

The acceptance of Iran in Shanghai and BRICS is the most important message of Iran's economy being resistant. Iran's economic activity increased by 14% last year with BRICS.


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