Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman about South Africa-led initiatives to prosecute Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) said that Iran supports the use of international mechanisms to prosecute the Israeli regime's authorities for war crimes.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to Iran's efforts to stop the Zionist regime's war against Gaza, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "Iran made huge diplomatic efforts since the beginning of the current crisis in Gaza and has used all diplomatic capacities to stop the war in Gaza.

Nasser Kanaani, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman in the Ministry's weekly press conference on Monday referring to the international community's failed attempts in the UNSC to force the Israeli Regime's genocide in Gaza said: Now the international will is manifested, what prevented the Security Council from playing a role in passing the resolution on stopping the attacks was the role of the US in supporting the Zionist regime.

"Political initiative can be a solution to end the Palestinian crisis. We believe that the occupation is the fundamental problem and the root of the Palestinian issue," He added.

Destabilizing role of the US in the region

Referring to the recent visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the region and the possibility of sending a message to Iran through Arab countries, Kannani said: Our regional issues belong to the governments and nations of the region.

A large part of the instability in the region is due to the destabilizing role of the US.

The US is the biggest contributor to regional instability and should refrain from regional interventions, Kanaani said, adding that If you are looking for stability in the region, the issue is clear; The root of the instability of the 75 occupation and cause of current crisis in Gaza is Zionist Regime, If you want to solve the crisis, you must stop supporting the roots of the crisis.

Iran supports international mechanisms to prosecute Israel

The Spokesman of Iran's MFA said the Islamic Republic supports the use of international mechanisms to prosecute the Israeli regime's authorities for their war crimes.

Answering a question about South Africa's suit in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Israeli regime, Kanaani told reporters: 

"Definitely, we support the use of existing capacities, including the capacity of international legal institutions like the International Criminal Court, in the legal pursuit of the Zionist regime."

The prosecution method is based on Iran's fundamental principles and approaches to the Palestinian issue and the Islamic attitude toward the illegitimate nature of the Israeli regime. 

South Africa, along with Bolivia Bangladesh, Comoros, and Djibouti, presented a request to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) – a separate international court that prosecutes individuals – to investigate the situation in Palestine on November 17.

Israel's scandal of stealing bodies of Palestinian martyrs

Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, criticized the Israeli army for stealing the bodies of Palestinian martyrs, calling it a scandal for both the regime and human rights advocates.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, Kanaani stated, "The Zionist regime did not achieve any of its declared goals despite more than three months of war in Gaza."

He added, "The Zionist regime not only suffered an irreparable defeat in the Al-Aqsa Storm but also added to its failures in the past three months, showing that its army is not capable of waging war against even a Palestinian group."

"Kanaani emphasized that the war in Gaza demonstrated to the world that the regime lacks moral legitimacy and does not adhere to international principles. He also highlighted reports of the destruction of graves belonging to Palestinian martyrs and stealing their corpses and body organs as crimes that have created an international scandal for the Zionist regime.

"Therefore, supporters of human rights cannot endorse a regime that violates all international humanitarian laws," said Kanaani.


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