Moscow(IP)- The governor of the Central Bank of Iran said that there are very good economic capacities between Iran and Russia, and in the near future, the memoranda of understanding between the two countries will be implemented.

Iran PressEurope: "Ali Salehabadi," the Governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who traveled to Moscow at the head of the banking, financial and economic delegation, met and consulted with Mrs. " Elvira Nabiullina, "the head of the Central Bank of Russia.

According to Iran Press, "Ali Salehabadi," the Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, said about the results of his trip to Russia: "In this trip, excellent and valuable discussions were held with the high and economic officials of Russia, and according to the emphasis of the presidents of the two countries on the development of stable relations, Economically, it was decided to create the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of relations in the financial and banking fields.

Salehi Abadi added that the political will of Iran and Russia is to develop economic interactions, "Fortunately, both the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia have considerable interest in developing relations, so good negotiations were held in this regard."

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Iran and Russia share strategic interests in bilateral fields, especially economic, military, and security relations, as well as regional and international issues such as confronting American unilateralism, and this has been one of the main factors of close cooperation between the two sides in recent years.

In March 2001, the 20-year contract "Treaty Law on the Basis of Mutual Relations and Principles of Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia" was signed, and now the two countries are seeking to reach a new agreement, especially in the economic fields.


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