Tehran (IP) - Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday summoned the French ambassador to Tehran over unacceptable remarks by the country’s foreign minister in the National Assembly and subsequent approval of an interventionist resolution in the assembly against the developments in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Iran’s strong protests to trumped-up allegations of French officials were conveyed to the ambassador.   

Nicolas Roche was told that the instrumental and dual use of human rights by France and some other European countries causes great regret to the Islamic Republic of Iran and is unacceptable.

Iran also stressed that, because of their unilateral and arbitrary approaches which run contrary to the rights of the nations, these countries lack the legitimacy to raise such human rights claims.

The French ambassador promised to convey Iran’s protest to his respected government.

The unrest was instigated under the pretext of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died due to a sudden heart attack in a police center in Tehran on Tuesday, September 13, where the foreign-backed elements sought to subvert the country.

Germany also recently led a Resolution being adopted by the UN Human Rights Council to form a fact-finding committee to support the rioters under the pretext of the examination of human rights status in Iran during the recent unrest, which Iran strongly rejected and condemned. 

During the recent unrest, the rioters destroyed public property, even ambulances, and set fire to houses and mosques and people in the streets. They carried out armed attacks in some cities, including Isfahan, killing a number of people and security forces.

In an interview with BBC, the US' former National Security Advisor John Bolton confessed that weapons from Iraq's Kurdistan region have been sent to the rebels in Iran.


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